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Clan Officers    
Executive Officer
We are The Knights of Time and Space.  We are on a mission to have fun.

There are a few rules to follow if you wish to be a member.

1) To get in you must apply.  Your application must be filled out with answers to the following :
Your level

‚Äčyou know we doing give credits and you aren't looking for them
your age

2) Don't ask for credits, we don't collect them so we don't have any to hand out.  Why you may ask; there comes a point where you will make more credits, using your SKY LAB than you can get by handouts from any clan.  Also, even with the lowest tax rate, you will eventually loose more credits than you can make in a day.  That is why we don't tax and don't give credits.

3) We are a team.  We will be happy to help out in any quest you need help in.  We will also help if you wish to invade enemy space or want to hunt down aliens. We are a team.

4) Do not steal, cheat, or botting. NO IFs, ANDs, OR BUTs.   Do not shoot EIC or any of our allies. We have allies that aren't EIC members.  They are still our Allies. Unless shot at first, or your cargo is stolen by one, leave Outlaws alone.  Most are trying to regain their honor. We all made mistakes when starting in DarkOrbit so leave them alone.

5) If accepted into the clan, you will be on probation.  After probation you will be assigned a rank in the clan. The more you play and help the clan, the higher your rank will be.  We already have the leader and the Executive officer.  No ranks will be as high as them or will have all the same permissions as them.
  6) Any New member who is inactive for more than 30 days will be dismissed from the clan.  We want to have fun and don't want anyone taking up space as a member if they aren't going to play.

7) Finally,  The rules are clear.  If you violate the rules, you will be dismissed, upon completion of an investigation , if you are found in violation of the rules.  If you are dismissed for violations, you are not welcomed back.  If you leave without a reason, you are not welcomed back.

As of January 1, 2012 you must be at least a level 14 player.  those already in are not effected by this change.

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